Rangeland Helicopter

“ Effective January 1st, 2016 our aircraft maintenance labor rate will increase to $105.00 per hour. For customers who hangar their aircraft with us, the labor rate will change to $95.00 per hour.”


Aircraft Maintenance Organization

Rangeland Helicopters, incorporated in March 2004, is a fully accredited Transport Canada AMO # 63-05. We are capable of servicing both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. Our certificate permits us to perform maintenance, other than specialized maintenance, on:


Casual Charter

Given 24 hours notice, the helicopter can be converted from its medical configuration to its 4 passenger configuration. We have on several occasions made the conversion to:

Rangeland Helicopters directs the revenue from these casual charters to HALO.


Helicopter Airlift Operation (HALO)

Rangeland owns and operates a Bell 206L-1 Long Ranger which, in its commercial configuration, will carry 6 passengers. This aircraft, however, is dedicated to a rotary-wing EMS service based in Medicine Hat. This service is provided as a joint venture between Rangeland Helicopters, Southern Alberta MedicAir Society and Alberta Health.

Since its inception in July of 2007, HALO has flown 125 missions. It is southern Alberta's only dedicated rescue helicopter and it fills an important role in covering 40,000 square kilometers of southeastern Alberta and soutwestern Saskatchewan that other providers of rescue helicopter services have diffculty accessing in a timely manner. HALO is available during daylight hours 365 days a year

Our chief pilot is Rod Craven. Our EMS pilots are Grant Fletcher and Gerald Udal. These three gentlemen have a total of over 30,000 flying hours between them.



ROD CRAVEN | Chief Pilot

  • Commercial License on Rotary and Fixed wing with 24,000 plus hours
  • Began Aviation Career at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in September 1962
  • Private Fixed Wing Licence Calgary Flying Club January 1963
  • Commercial Fixed Wing Licence Winnipeg Flying Club 1966
  • Worked as AME and Fixed Wing bush pilot in Northern MB, NW Ontario and central Arctic
  • Instructed multi engine IFR for two years in Winnipeg
  • Joined TransCanada Pipelines in 1976 as a Fixed Wing pilot
  • Commercial Rotary Wing Licence April 1983
  • Retired from TransCanada Pipelines as Chief Pilot, Helicopters in 2005 after 30 years of service
  • Joined Rangeland Helicopters 2007

Grant Fletcher


Grant grew up on a farm southeast of Taber, Alberta. After getting his private pilot license, Grant began working for his neighbors, the Kinniburgh’s, who had a crop spraying business while continuing to farm. He helped out by mixing and loading chemicals and marking in the summer and fixing aircraft in the winter. Jack Kinniburgh talked Grant into getting his commercial license which he completed in 1970. He then began spraying for Kinnibugh Air and continued to do so for 4 years. In 1973 after the spraying season ended Grant completed his helicopter license with Alpine Helicopters and worked for them for a year. He moved on to Okanagan Helicopters for the next 15 years working in Newfoundland/Labrador, the Artic, Northwest Territories and as the base manager in Fort Nelson, B.C. Grant left flying for a few years to farm and custom harvest across Canada and the United States. In 2007,Rangeland Helicopters put a call out for a pilot to fly the medevac helicopter (HALO) out of Medicine Hat. 8 years later and he hasn’t looked back.



I learned to fly fixed wing aircraft in 1968 when I was 16 years old fulfilling a childhood dream. Intending to become a bush pilot and have a career in the north flying fixed wing and helicopters, my career was put on hold when I was involved in an automobile accident while taking my commercial licence in 1972. As a result, I lost my Commercial Air Medical. Meanwhile my wife Lynda and I purchased a ranch southeast of Maple Creek in the Cypress Hills which we operate and where we still reside.

In 1986, I was able to return to commercial flying receiving a Commercial fixed wing and helicopter licence. I started out flying a spray plane for Southwest Air spray Ltd. then soon started flying helicopters for Yukon Helicopters Ltd. I flew helicopters for several different helicopter companies including Highland Helicopters, Canadian Heli log, North Central Helicopters, Bighorn Helicopters and Delta Helicopters for the next 25 years. After a two and a half year break from flying, I again returned to flying in 2013 for Rangeland Helicopters Inc. flying Halo.

Job Opportunity

  • Date: July 20, 2015
  • Position: Person Responsible for Maintenance
  • Company Name: Rangeland Helicopters Inc.
  • Contact Person: Doug Little
  • Street Address: 11 - 49 Viscount Ave SW
  • City: Medicine Hat

  • Province: Alberta

  • Country: Canada

  • Email address: dlittle@rangeland-helicopter.com
  • Fax number: 403-548-6687

  • Send Resume By: Fax or Email

  • Aircraft Types: C-172, C-210, Beech Baron, BAE J31/32, PA31, Bell 206L

  • Job Description:
  • Medicine Hat is a beautiful city with a small-town feel located in south eastern Alberta. All of the big-city amenities are here with a reasonable cost of living and excellent lifestyle.
  • Rangeland Helicopters operates a Bell 206L on a long-term contract and a busy AMO, providing maintenance services to Super T Aviation (a local flight school / charter operator) and numerous local private aircraft owners.

  • Experience and Qualifications:
  • The ideal PRM candidate has M1 & M2 with fixed wing & rotary experience, and is qualified in accordance with CARs. A Bell 206 type course would be beneficial, as would experience with Quality Assurance programs. 
Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills with exceptional attention to detail are essential in this position.

  • Salary: To be negotiated

  • Closing Date: August 7, 2015

  • Applications and questions can be directed to dlittle@rangeland-helicopter.com or submitted by fax. If you are interested in joining our organization please submit your resume for consideration.

  • Please note: Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.