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Aircraft Maintenance Organization

Rangeland Helicopters, incorporated in March 2004, is a fully accredited Transport Canada AMO # 63-05. We are capable of servicing both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. Our certificate permits us to perform maintenance, other than specialized maintenance, on:

  • BAE Jetstream series aeroplanes
  • Beech King Air series aeroplanes
  • Beech single piston powered aeroplanes
  • Beech twin piston powered airplanes
  • Bell 206 series helicopters
  • Cessna single piston powered aeroplanes
  • Piper single piston powered aeroplanes
  • Piper turbopropeller aeroplanes
  • Piper twin piston powered aeroplanes
  • Airbus BK 117 Series Helicopters

Helicopter Charters

Please contact us if you require an aircraft for Charter. Rangeland Helicopters has aircraft available for multiple types of Charters including:

  • Gas well inspections for Oil and Gas Companies
  • Power Line inspections for Power Generation and Transmission Companies
  • Fire Suppression and Prevention for Government Wildfire and Forestry Departments
  • Wildlife surveys and support for Government Fish and Wildlife Departments


Rangeland owns and operates the highly capable Airbus BK 117B2 Twin Turbine Engine Helicopter in support of the HALO Program.

HALO is a dedicated Air Ambulance (HEMS) service based in Medicine Hat serving Southern Alberta.

Since its inception in July 2007, HALO has flown hundreds of missions saving lives in our community. It is southern Alberta’s only dedicated Air Ambulance Helicopter covering a response area of over 50,000 square kilometers. Rangeland has been the sole operator of the HALO aircraft and is staffed 365 days a year to immediately respond to any Ambulance, Rescue or Search calls. Soon, RHI will be adding Night Vision capabilities to our HALO Operations which will enable flights to remote locations at night.

For more information about HALO and how you can help with your donation, visit